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The beauty of the female breast is often defined by its shape and firmness. Usually, women who are self-conscious and unhappy with their breast shape and size due to different reasons such as volume loss after pregnancy, genetics, or following other breast surgery, do seek breast enhancement. Indeed, breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to increase the size of the breast. Our experience has shown that it is one of the most successful and rewarding cosmetic operations done at the Centre for cosmetic surgery.

Breast augmentation, also known as “boob job” or mammoplasty, is an elective aesthetic surgical procedure using cohesive silicone implants. The breast enlargement procedure normally takes about 1 hour, but may be longer. At the Centre for cosmetic surgery, your satisfaction is of our utmost concern. Call 0800 990 3588 to find out more about Breast Augmentation at our cosmetic consultation in London or Manchester.

By undergoing a breast augmentation with Dr Mounir, it is important for you to assess the benefits and the risks of the breast implants surgery. We always advise our patients about the nature and anticipated effect of the proposed cosmetic surgery treatment, including the significant risks and complications. All patients will need to sign a consent form confirming this advice prior to proceed with any procedure. Furthermore, all patients are provided with appropriate aftercare instructions. More detailed information about breast augmentation at the Centre for Cosmetic Surgery can be found below.

A Brief History of Breast Augmentation

The breast augmentation surgery in England, and the rest of the world has been around for many years. In the 1920s, procedure consisted in injecting fat tissue into the breasts. This technique was proven unsuccessful as the grafted fat did not survived, and was instead absorbed. This type of breast enhancement was abandoned about 20 years later. In the same time, the injection of silicone as well as the insertion arose as other popular methods of breast augmentation. These were also abandoned as lot of women experienced serious complications.
The silicone implant for the breast, which is used today can be traced back to the early sixties, when a finally a safer implant for breast enlargement was discovered. It is a fact that the structure and design of the first implants may were not as strong, and as long lasting as today's, they were also made out of a silicone shell, filled with a saline solution or silicone gel.



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